Taken on a frosty day in the gardens of Chatsworth House. So many robins there – some spirited territorial disputes!


A little help in the garden, anyone?

Woodpigeons are frequent visitors to the garden. Gentle giants which don’t seem bothered by any of the other birds (including magpies). Wonderfully subtle colours. This one was perched helpfully on the handle of a garden fork…


I found this rather attractive frog under the garden hosepipe stand. It was probably enjoying the shade and possibly hoping to benefit from some of the water dripping from it. (The hosepipe leaks!)

Of course, when it saw me, it froze. I was able to approach … closer … closer, snapping away like a paparazzo –  until it took off disdainfully and hid behind some flowerpots. Who could blame it? My menacing reflection in its beautiful, blue-outlined eye makes me realise I would have done exactly the same!