Gooseberry or Gooseberry?

I’ve only got one gooseberry plant; it’s in a fairly small container and has been sadly neglected. Every time there’s a hint of a breeze in the wind tunnel that is my garden, it topples over. But now it’s rewarded me with some of its glowing green gems, so I know I have to repay it by finding it a new and safer home.

On the subject of the gooseberry – how to pronounce the word? One of the dictionaries I consulted tells me it’s:

‘gʊzbəri   or   ‘gʊzbri

but it could also be


(Apologies to experts if I’ve typed these inaccurately: it was quite difficult to find the right symbols.) I remember my grandmother using the first pronunciation, but my mum uses the last one, as do I. However you pronounce the word, they’re delicious!

Plodding Along…

This sums up what I’ve been like lately with my blog.  Very, very slow.  I’m afraid it’s probably always going to be a bit of a stop-start process for me – at least for the foreseeable future – until work and family become a little easier to manage.

This little stone tortoise was given to one of my children by a family friend some time ago.  It had resided in her garden for quite a long time before that, I believe, so it’s understandably looking somewhat weathered, but that is part of its charm. I keep forgetting all about it and then it turns up again to make me smile and remember.

So today, when it appeared, I realised it was telling me something.  Time to start blogging again!  Lots going on in the garden, so will update this week…