Another little booklet, this time made from four old Christmas card envelopes.  I used scraps of paper from around the house and cuttings from newspapers. The William Morris scraps are from a V&A diary my son bought me for Christmas in 2017, and the cat picture is just a print from a photo I took a few years ago.

The butterfly picture on the back didn’t quite work, I know. I’m just learning 🙂

And More Distractions…

I made a pocket out of a window envelope. It’s not finished, and far from perfect, obviously. Please excuse my amateur efforts. I am completely new to this!

It’s open at the top and has a ‘secret’ pocket at the side, which I’ve photographed very badly. It needs something else on the front, but I’m not yet sure what…

The finished pocket, if that is actually the correct journalling name for it, will fit into one of the pages in my envelope journal. Who knew envelopes could have so many uses?

More seriously, I have found it helpful to do something creative as my caring responsibilities have become more demanding. I can do this for an hour at a time or as little as five minutes at a time. I hope other people will find it helpful.