After a few days of sub-zero temperatures, the garden is starting to thaw out. Green is making a welcome comeback, spiking sharply through the dwindling snow. Smooth pebbles gleam. Fog hovers protectively.

There’s more birdsong today. A sense of spring, waiting. Just out of sight.



Just Daffodils!

Some daffodils, just for fun. And because I love the colour in snow-light.



We’re braced for some cold weather here. Snow will fall, they say. The usual struggle to get to work, when all we want to do is stay inside with a hot drink and a good book.

But catkins remind us that spring is close.


A Favourite View

Always a favourite place to stop, look, and just breathe. Sheep, deer, constantly changing light…


Just Because

Saw these today on a trip out. It was cold and raw, but these tulips made me forget that for a moment. So… just because they’re tulips!


Cold Day in the Peaks

It was beautiful in the Peak District this afternoon. Beautiful but cold. No flowers, no birdsong. Yet.