About me…

A blog about trying to make sense of a very messy garden. And a place to share some other pictures and thoughts.*

I’ve included a link to one of my Instagram accounts:@katkarradz

I should also mention @kkarrad2, my other, and newer, Instagram account. I intended to use it for comments about books, and the slow, painful process of decluttering my bookshelves. Watch this space, though – I’m thinking of closing it and finding blog space for the books instead!

Time is always a problem for me, so I haven’t posted all that often in the past. Just lately, though, blogging has become something I need to do. I’m gradually trying to build up the courage to put some poetry online. I started a companion blog for this, called (you guessed it) katkarradz . It’s still quivering nervously, waiting to spring into life. Do take a look, though, if you dare!

*(All the photographs, such as they are, are taken by me, and are my copyright.)








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