Nearly time to vote in the EU Referendum. So much has been written, said and argued about on this subject in the last few weeks that I certainly don’t intend to throw my twopenn’orth into the public domain. In any case, I like to keep my voting intentions private.

I do intend to vote, though, despite some initial fears that I didn’t have enough expert knowledge to make the ‘right’ decision.  But who does? After listening to debate after debate, soundbite after soundbite, analysis after analysis, I realise that nobody can possibly know for sure what is going to happen after the results have come in. In the absence of a crystal ball, that is. I can only follow my conscience and my common sense.

So I’ll head down to the polling station this evening after work and make my choice.

Will it make a difference? Probably not. But I now know which way I’m voting. I only hope we’ll wake up tomorrow to the result we deserve…