Weekend Smoothie Report

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve been experimenting with making smoothies recently, having been given a Nutri Ninja as a present. I’ve used various combinations of fruits, almond milk and chocolate soya milk. Some of them were photographed on my phone. The idea was to keep a record of which ones worked and which ones didn’t, but I’m just not organised enough to do that! Now it’s just a question of using whatever I have to hand, and hoping the results are palatable. I have to say, they’ve all tasted delicious so far; it’s the question of how thick or thin they should be that tends to make or mar them.

Anyway, the photographs. I know there are galleries beyond number of exquisitely presented smoothies out there, and that mine will look unappealing in comparison. I’m not really into that, because I just don’t have the time, although I have photographed some of them outside because it represents the colour more accurately. The chocolate, banana and strawberry one is a close-up because it was snapped in a plastic container just before I left for work. And that’s the main reason I’m making them: I have to leave so early for work that I can’t face breakfast. A smoothie whizzed up in the Nutri Ninja is a quick and healthy answer.

May Day Merits

I was going to enthuse about the merits of the May Day Bank Holiday yesterday, but ran out of time. I suspect we’re now expected to call it the Early Spring Bank Holiday, but that doesn’t have quite the same air of joy about it! So why do I rate it so highly?

Firstly, not everyone shares my feelings.

“Too soon after Easter”, say some.

“Useless at this time of year”, say others.

A blessed relief and rest, I believe, especially after an early Easter and a chilly start to spring, which has involved snow and sleet over the past two or three days.

I don’t make a particular effort to go out anywhere on any Bank Holiday Monday, and this one won’t be any different. The real pleasure of a Monday off work is, for me, the way it transforms Sunday. No pressure to prepare for work on Monday morning = pure relaxation.

Long live the May Day Bank hol!