Eclectic? Or just chaotic?

I’ve started the long, painful process of decluttering my bookshelves.

Incidentally, it seems irreverent to describe this process as ‘decluttering’, when books mean so much. Culling? It has to be done though: I have thousands. Some of them are deteriorating and some just forgotten. I think I’ve mentioned before that books are like time capsules for me (or if I haven’t, I meant to). Sifting through stacks of dusty and mouldering tomes (well, my paperbacks, mainly) has unearthed many a memory and continues to do so. Future posts beckon.

For now, here are some of the books I’ve passed on to charity shops. These pictures have already appeared on Instagram (@kkarrad2). Parting with some of them has been a bit of a wrench; the particularly troublesome ones have been replaced on Kindle, which has certainly made the task easier.