Day 3 of Mission Blogmore

Don’t worry.  It’s not going on for ever. I’m just trying to break, or even make, a few habits.

I’ve found that posting from my phone gives me less control over how the images are presented. Featured images and so on. So I might keep this up for the next few posts and then return to my trusty PC. It’s just an experiment.

The main problem is: I have little time to post but I tend to spend ages on each one. I want to get my thoughts out there but my perfectionism slows me down. It’s all a question of balance; I haven’t solved the problem yet.

So… as time is an issue, here’s a clock for today’s picture!


To Brighten the Day


Hope this will make Monday morning more pleasant.

Another picture which I’ve also used on Instagram. But why not? After a frighteningly long gap, I need to find ways to make regular posting easier. Posting this one from my phone, just to see how it goes.

Time management!

My poor neglected blog

I can’t believe that my last post was in August!

Sincere apologies for not responding recently to anyone who has liked any of my posts. That time thing again.

Not much time today either, as work looms tomorrow. Anyway, to make amends, here are two of my recent pictures of autumn leaves. They’ve both been on my Instagram (easier to do on public transport).

Target: blog more!