…progress on the blog this week.  Needed all my energy for getting back to work!


Richard III

A visit to Leicester planned within the next few days.  I had really hoped to witness the procession through the city before the reburial, but had to give up on that when I realised that the dates wouldn’t work for me.  So, the next best thing…

I bought a camera in haste for my last (actually my first) trip there.  Leicester was abuzz with the news that the remains found on the archaeological dig were indeed Richard’s; between the cathedral and the Guildhall there were lengthy queues for a small but fascinating exhibition.  It was cold and grey, and a long wait, but the excitement generated by the discovery kept everyone’s spirits up.  I could hardly believe that the medieval king I had first heard about at school when studying Shakespeare, then read about more deeply in search of the truth, was now at the centre of such events.  History reaches out to grab you.

I took some pictures of the cathedral, the Guildhall and the site of the dig (or as close as I was allowed to get to it). Looking at them now, I can still feel that sense of anticipation on a chilly Leicester afternoon…



Unbelievable! Brilliant blue sky and warm enough to sit out in the garden and drink raspberry lemonade.

Some long-overdue jobs tackled: more of my beloved pansies planted out (is it possible to have too many?); old plant pots tidied a little, though still quite messy; an enormous stump finally taken out of the ground (not by me!) to make way for a new hedge, of which more in a later post.

A lot of new life in the garden. I love this time of year: something different to see every day. Butterflies and bees passing through, quite high overhead; didn’t settle.

I did find a ladybird, a snail and a spider though:


Happy Easter


After Rain

Found these in my garden:



…to rain and gloom.